What Shape Bouquet are You?

Dear Richmond Brides and Grooms: Brides, have you thought about what shape you want your bouquet to be? There are several different shapes of bouquets. There is the what I call the roundymoundy which is the dome of flowers. Or you more the garden style bouquet with a more natural look. Could you be a Boho bride with its wild and free shape? Below is a more Bohemian in shape bouquet. You really don't need to know the answer. When we meet and talk and I get to know you, I can tell which is more your style.  I had one bride show me a pin of a really boring bouquet. She wanted a bouquet for her portraits. I made two bouquets. One that was the roundymoundy and one that was more garden style. After her shoot she emailed me and wrote: "You knew what I would like more than I knew myself!" She went with more of the garden style bouquet. The garden style looks not so uniformed and more with flowers coming all out like you just grabbed the flowers yourself. It is looks easy, but it takes years of practice! I LOVE making bouquets! Especially when I go to hand the bride her personal creation. I have NEVER done the same bouquet twice. The portrait bouquet is usually smaller than the actual wedding day one. I think the portrait is much more about the bride and the dress than the bouquet. It is a taste of what is to come. When you go to try on wedding dresses ask them if they have a silk bouquet so you can see what part of the dress your flowers will be covering. That is another factor in the design. Remember people will see your dress all night or day long. They really only see the bouquet when you are coming down the aisle!

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