Blog Posts:
Tablescapes Myth Number One
candle centerpieces are expensive not a budget friendly alternative.
This is Why I Do What I Do!
This is why I am in the wedding floral industry.
Sorry if Our Styles Do Not Work Together
Not all brides or grooms are a fit for my style and I am OK with that.
Happy Brides and Grooms with my work
Repurposing Bridesmaid's Bouquets
Do not use bouquets as centerpieces
Personalizing Your Wedding
Make your wedding unique with flowers.
Sweetheart Table... For or Against?
Deciding what kind of table is best for the couple.
Shapes of Bouquets
Different shapes of bouquets for body shapes
Welcome Your Guest with Flowers
creating an entrance to your wedding or event
Let Me Worry with the Floral Details
My job is to translate your ideas into floral realities.
The Walk Back-down the Aisle
Happy walk back!
A New Look For Men in Flowers
Floral Pocket Squares
Richmond Is So Welcoming!
Photo shoots in Richmond at the beautiful Ashton Creek Winery
So Excited to be in Richmond!
Richmond: Here I come!!!!!!
Tall and Low Arrangements
High and low arrangements when you should have them
different kinds of design for the tables.
Love is Love
Same sex weddings
I Love All Cultures Ceremonies!
Different religious customs.
Giving Back
the gift of wedding flowers...
What color flowers should your Maids carry?
Dress colors and flowers
What Shape Bouquet are You?
Different shapes of bouquets
I'm Coming out of the Closet!
Not what you are thinking...
Flowers at their peak
getting flowers to their prime beauty
I Must Be Crazy
Why I left my business in Houston.
Will You Do a Sample Arrangement?
cost of samples
Centerpieces should Enhance not block the view
heights of arrangements!
Why there are No Prices on My Website
I can't put prices on designs that have not been designed yet. I need the couples input into the creations!
Who Designs My Florals?
What you can expect from me...
Wedding Cakes
Wedding dessert trends
The New Styles of Centerpieces
compote arrangements
Sourcing Flowers locally
Local flower farms
My Name is MaryAnn and I am a Flower Snob
Flowers that I will not use!
If it rains...
come rain or shine... be prepared!
Bury the Bourbon!
The tradition of Burying the Bourbon
Wedding Flowers for Him
Wedding flowers for Him
Thinking about Ceremonial Florals
You need to think about what your guest will be looking at while waiting for you to come down the aisle. Not only does it make for a beautiful backdrop for family photos,
What to consider about tablescapes
You have many different things to think about. Do you want tall arrangements? Do you have a King’s or head table? Do you want garlands of flowers flowing down to the floor?
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