My Name is MaryAnn and I am a Flower Snob

Dear Richmond Bride or Groom: I love flowers! I have to admit that there are some flowers that I will not work with. Some people really don't like carnations. There are some unusual carnations that I like. Carnations used en masse are beautiful. I will not use Alstromeria! That is a grocery store flower. Basically I don't care for the flowers that one sees in the grocery store. Those flowers are great for an everyday bouquet to enjoy at home... but this is your wedding! NO GROCERY STORE FLOWERS would be used in my designs! I am spending this summer looking for local flower farms that I can source my blooms from locally. So many beautiful flowers can be grown in Virginia that I am making it my mission to use 75% or more locally grown product. I also am environmentally aware of the use of floral foam. I try very hard not to use floral foam. Floral Foam or Oasis as it is called in the industry, affects on the environment have not been studied. Florist concern is that is doesn't break down. There is more information about the floral industry than you probably ever needed to know. An informed Bride or Groom is an asset to any wedding vendor!

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