Who Designs My Florals?

Dear Richmond Bride or Groom: I am so passionate about my floral work that I can't let someone else do the design! I do all the floral designs for my weddings. Yes I have a support team to help with delivery, set up and tear down, but rarely do I let another designer do any work! If I have 15 aisle designs, then I would do the first one and have another designer copy my work. Being that controlling is not that good for your life, but as your wedding florist it is what you want! Someone once asked what if you get sick or break your leg? I would be there to direct other designers in what I was going to create. I also do sketches of all my designs so the designers will know what the arrangement is suppose to look like. The last thing you need to worry about is if one of your vendors! You can completely relax and know that all your beautiful florals will be set up and ready to go for that walk down the aisle!

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