Dear Richmond Brides or Grooms:

"Dear MaryAnn,

I can never thank you enough for the beautiful flowers you provided. It really took our breath away..." Bride Alie

I am happy to say that I have always received wonderful comments from my couples. I really put my heart and soul into creating beautiful designs for the big day. I watch each and every flower to have it reach its peak of gorgeousness for the day. It has taken years of experience to learn which flowers need more time than others to reach their top beauty. Once they are perfect (sometimes taking almost a week) and ready for designing, I look at each bloom to insure the couple, wedding party and guest will see the flowers the way God intended for them to be seen. I take great pride in my work and work hard to obtain the best flowers available. I work just as hard to hear the wants and dreams of my clients and turn them into reality. Weddings are truly my passion. I look forward with new eyes at every wedding that I am blessed to be a part of. My next wedding will be special. My oldest daughter is getting married. She has been quite demanding on the floral wants for her wedding. We are going to be doing some usual installations in the Boiling Haxall House. I will blog about them after THE EVENT~

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