Shapes of Bouquets

Dear Richmond Brides and Grooms:

What shape flowers should you carry? Not the shape of the flowers but the shape of the bouquet. For many years there have been a very popular shape of what I call Roundy Moundy. That is where all the flowers basically make a round ball shape of a bouquet. It is also known as a hand tied bouquet. The flowers are all the same height to form the uniformed ball of flowers. I have taught this to many a DIY bride. It is the easiest bouquet to make. It takes little artistry. The flowers are beautiful, but they are not given their space to shine. The new style of bouquet is the garden style. Some people think it is messy. Others think that it doesn't look well put together. To those people I say you don't see the artistry in putting together a bouquet that looks like you went out to the garden and gathered your favorite blooms. This style allows for you to see each flower and appreciate it in all its glory! It is difficult to create these bouquets and I have taken many a class to prefect my style of this type of bouquet. You only hold the bouquet for a short amount of time. It should speak to your personal style. Do you follow the crowd or you a trend setter? Wedding bouquets are with you for ever through your pictures and videos. It tells when you were married like your dress. Make a statement with your bouquet! Whether you choose an all white bouquet or one with color, you need to decide what shape you want too! There is also, which I must say is making a come back, the cascading bouquet. That is where the flowers not only are up at the top in a shape they trail downward. There are certain shapes that are better for different shapes of girls. Cascading is not really good for short girls. Petite or nosegays are not good for larger girls. The size of the bouquet has to match the brides's shape. It is best to let the wedding florist tell you what would work for you!

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