Let Me Worry with the Floral Details

Dear Richmond Brides and Grooms:

I have been studying the names, varieties, colors of all kinds of flowers for the past 21 years. Owning a wholesale, I was able to see what all flowers are out there. I got to test flowers to see how well they stood up to being in a bouquet. I learned all the different varieties of roses, garden and standard roses. I know what flowers come in your color scheme without having to do research! I love flowers. I love knowing that it takes Shimmer Roses 5 days to open up fully. I love thinking of all the flower details! What flowers look the best with other flowers. What needs to go into a bouquet to make it uniquely yours. My daughter is getting married in April. She is proving to be a tough bride as far as flowers go. She grew up in the floral wholesale. She has a unique style that she wants for her flowers. I LOVE A CHALLENGE! She wants a garden feel but not too messy. I love taking what the bride and or groom says and translating it into their dream floral designs. There are so many details that go into a wedding... Let me worry with the floral details! That is my job and my creative desire to solve the floral quires of the couple.

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