I Must Be Crazy

Dear Richmond Bride or Groom: I say that I must be crazy because who after having a business for 21 years in Houston decides to move half way across the country to Richmond, Virginia. My Daughter met a young man at college from Richmond. She followed him home and before you know it they were married at Tuckahoe Plantation. Three years later they have a son, my first grandchild. My other daughter lives in Washington D.C. She is now engaged and is going to get married in Richmond April 2019. Richmond has become my family's hub. I miss seeing my family so with the birth of my grandson, I decided to leave my native Houston for Richmond. It is scary to up and leave the only state you have ever known. The people of Richmond have been very warm and welcoming... Now for me to live somewhere that snows... That's a new one! I look forward to servicing my brides in Richmond and the surrounding area. The picture is of me and my two daughters Caroline and Adrienne at Adrienne's wedding. I came in from Houston the week of the wedding and brought the flowers with me from Houston. I did the entire wedding out of a hotel room. Just think what I can create for you living in Richmond!!!!!

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